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unnecessary stress and the toxic vine -- 4/8/2020

To say that sheltering in place and social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic is causing everyone a lot of stress is a gross understatement, but there ... I said it anyway, because it's true. At least it is true for anyone who is taking this thing seriously. It is true for anyone whose life has been seriously disrupted. It is true for anyone who has lost their job. It is true for anyone who is still working and possibly exposing themselves to the virus. It's just plain and simple a basic fucking truth.

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Toxic Vine screenshot on 4/8/2020

If the virus don't git ya, then the stress shore 'nuff will.

Ritsuko and I had a pretty stressful day yesterday. Nothing remarkable, really, it was just from a combination of a lot of things that we had to do, along with shit that just happens in the course of a day. As we decompressed in the evening, we decided that we both needed to be more aware of the way that we handle stressful events, and not compound the effect unnecessarily. This was more of a check and balance awareness thing than it was any great revelation. Dealing with stress constructively is an essential element of maintaining good health. Ritsuko can tell you the details of the physiological mechanism of stress down to the cellular level, but I, as one who does not understand any of that, just know that it makes me feel like crap.

Even though I don't understand the science of the stress/disease mechanism, I have always made a point of avoiding unnecessary stress. At the age of 32, I stopped wearing a watch. At 40ish, I quit attempting to play golf. Those were things that triggered stress that I could eliminate from my life. Ten years ago, I shut down my message board on IslaTravelers. Whoa .. WTF!!! ... and now I've been thinking about running a message board again?

For the past few weeks, I knew that I really needed to think this thing through. Having done that, I think that the best thing for me to do with this website is to just write about what is going on around me during the pandemic, and forget about re-opening or building a new Toxic Vine.


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