Idyllic Beach and the Toxic Vine

we're just gettin' warmed up -- 4/2/2020

As of today COVID-19 status:

World according to WHO COVID-19 Situation Dashboard
Total Cases: 900,306
Deaths: 45,693
USA according to, et al
Total Cases: 213,144
Deaths: 4,513
Unemployment claims last week: 6.6 million (double from the previous week)

The worst part is that when you look the statistics plotted against a timeline, the exponential case growth rise in the trajectory of the resulting curve would suggest that "we're just gettin' warmed up".

On a more positive note, it appears as though more government officials have managed to overcome an acute case of cranial to rectal insertion, and have begun to acknowledge that people who go out in public should be wearing face masks regardless being symptomatic or not. This morning, I visited a local supermarket, and observed that widely disseminated advice being put into practice in that many people were wearing face masks of various types, and many were also wearing exam gloves. Alas, I no longer stand out in the supermarket crowd ... my short lived notoriety has thusly faded into the masses. I am glad that more people are taking this shit seriously.

One thing that I have been wondering about has finally surfaced in the news. That is the effect of this contagion on the US Military. This week reports surfaced in the news media about the majority of the ship's crew of one of our aircraft carriers, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, being removed for isolation, testing, and treatment. A story published in Stars and Stripes details how this is being accomplished. Kudos to the ship's captain, CAPT Brett Crozier for insisting upon the Navy taking action to isolate and treat the crew. I would be willing to bet that the phrase "I take no responsibility" is not in Captain Crozier's vocabulary. Unfortunately, as reported in a different news story in The Hill, the captain is being relieved of his command, his superiors criticizing the way in which he went about saving the lives of his crew. Bottom line - he cut through the bullshit to save the lives of his crew. But, I guess he didn't follow proper DOD protocol; OK, what the hell is next, US Navy ships anchored in a queue with all of the quarantined cruise ships stranded at sea?

Finally, after much hand wringing and navel self examination and introspection the federal Bureau of Imposing Hoops and Barriers isn't going to make Social Security recipients whose taxable income is below the threshold for having to file federal income tax returns, jump through the hoop of filing tax returns for 2018 in order to receive their stimulus checks. Instead, they are going to use the information already on file at a neighboring bureau that contains all of the data relevant to processing their checks. Hold the presses -- "Great news to the elderly and the disabled! we at the government have decided not to fuck you over quite as badly as we could and would have if so many liberal bleeding heart snowflakes and the damn liberal media hadn't made such a fuss over our overall level of stone cold fuckery".

Well, since I have found something that is sort of positive to report on the events of today, I'll just end on a high note and stop for now.

OK, one more thing. Last night, I added a page to the site that you will see on the menu under "Other Stuff". The title of the page is "Latest Health News", and it lets the reader select from a list of RSS feeds that display the most recent health related news stories from several sources. Alright, I'm done now.

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