Idyllic Beach and the Toxic Vine

or social distancing in 2020

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On the morning of 3/18/2020 I was sitting at the kitchen table, pondering the ever encroaching and intensifying pandemic apocolypse when my brain shifted in to a mode of hyper-denial to the "screw this bullshit" extreme. Then the only thing that it would allow me to think about was a white sand beach gently kissed by turquoise water beneath a clear azure sky. The idyllic beach reminded me of a place where we used to visit called Isla Mujeres, and I remembered a website that I used to own,, which had become the home of a message board that came to be known by many as The Toxic Vine.

Playa Norte June 2003

message board header from 03/30/2010

The vine was a fun place to hang out and exchange ideas, but ten years ago I had to shut down the Toxic Vine because I was in a state of being where I couldn't deal with it any more. Many of the factors governing the relative position of that proverbial rock and the hard place where most of us live were not allowing me much space or peace, and my life had gotten too complicated for the interruptions of managing or even participating on an internet message board. I took down the board, but kept the website as automatically updated tropical weather forecast page for a few years. Finally, I deleted the whole thing and let the domain expire and return to the open market. The domain was quickly picked up by some speculators who auction domains, and I pretty much forgot about it after that.

On the aforementioned morning, with a vision of the beach in my head, I did a domain query on, and saw that it was no longer in the possession of anyone. It was available, and not through some pricey domain auction; it was just a run of the mill domain for sale by any registrar. On an impulse, I re-purchased it, and now, once again in my possession. I am not yet sure exactly what to do with it, except perhaps to perform and publish mad coder experiments, or put up meaningless pages with bands of color and words of nonsense. The Vine dwellers have all moved on to social media, and probably have no interest in an old fashioned message board run by a techie tyrant with a disdain for advertising. However, is it possible that now in the environment of social distancing and increasing clarity of the out of control insanity inherent in our reality, that some former vine dwellers would like to re-visit the old respite of collective madness, expressing their thoughts in an environment free from having every keystroke sucked into some algorithm of advertising megalomania? I don't know ... maybe.

We shall see what develops.

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