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Why is this website named IslaTravelers, yet it has very little, if anything, to do with traveling to an island?

Old home page of 03/30/2010

Oh, I don't know ... why do you find sea shells embedded in rock that is 3000 feet above sea level?

Uh, because the sea shells are fossils from an ancient time?

Precisely! And this website is also a fossil from an ancient time. Well, certainly not as ancient as the sea shells found on a high plain, but in the context of internet history, I think that it could be accurately described as such.

I initially purchased the domain name on August 11, 2005. Although I had learned some rudimentary HTML by posting markup in internet forum posts, and by building a few web pages in an AOL account, Islatravelers was to be my first attempt at building a website. My motivation for doing this was so that I would have a way to publish stories that I had written, and because I wanted to start an internet forum of my own. The theme was to be about an island that Ritsuko and I held near and dear to our hearts, Isla Mujeres, Mexico. The message board was primarily for other people who frequented the island, hence the domain name. Over the course of five years of managing the site, I was able to learn a lot about web development. The board, which had become known as The Toxic Vine, started out as a stock installation of PHPBB version 2, and by 2008, it was based on a heavily modified PHPBB version 3.0.

In March 2010, I shut down the message board (read the next page after this one for an explanation) and deleted most the static content, leaving only a tropical weather forecast page. A few years later, I took that down too, and let the domain expire.

While weathering the Coronavirus pandemic, in mid March 2020, I did a domain search on, and found that it was available. Therefore without much forethought or planning, I bought it for the next two years. Although, for a few weeks I entertained the idea of opening a new version of The Toxic Vine, I have decided against doing that. Instead, I only plan to use the site as a personal journal to record the occasional rambling rant about things going on around me as well as the general condition of things relating to our time in this crazy fucked up situation of trying to survive the pandemic. Read on if interested.

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